The Problem

The design challenge which was given by the client was to create an application in which parents and guardians of school age children are able to manage various aspects of the kids' in-school cafeteria lunch accounts. Parents would need to manage payment methods, view their account balances as well as view and favorite their child's upcoming school lunches. In order to better flesh out the problems associated with the application we began by using user personas (pictured left) to frame actual potential users of the application and their lifestyles.




In order to analyze how the Lunch Money Buddy application could realistically fit into our user's lives we created realistic scenarios involving the parents/guardians and their children. Once these were written, we created user journey maps which highlight steps in their process both in the application as well as the real world. We made note of the user's context, progression, functionality needed, their emotional state as well as notes about the device they were using. 





By outlining the pathways above we began to create wireframes of the screens needed in both portrait as well as landscape format. These wireframes needed to support the functions above as well as link together to match that which was outlined in the user journeys.



Lessons Learned

From the above lessons a fully interactive prototype of the Lunch Money Buddy application was produced. The full interactive prototype of the Lunch Money Buddy application can be viewed by clicking here or by going to: