Branding. Environment. Product.
See how I've implemented a design strategy to stretch across all customer touchpoints.



Every design project begins with Branding. Setting a strong brand initially allows subsequent pieces of the design to work together, each piece building upon the success of the previous. Branding sets the guidelines through logos, taglines, lockups, colors, voice and tone for any design project.

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Taking a concept and applying it to an environment allows design to reach the next level, turning it into an experience for those that are able to step into the space. In creating these environment based designs, it has taught me how to see how a user might engage with my work in new ways.

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Product Design or User Experience Design are the methods used to define an audience, seek research to isolate business and user goals, then ideate to achieve those goals in a digital product. This process, when done correctly, end in a product that users adore. 

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